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5 Fitness Gurus That Will Change the Way You Work Out

With the beginning of the new year in the midst of the continuing pandemic, many of us are striving to prioritize our health and wellbeing from home, which can be challenging at times. Whether you are struggling with a lack of space, equipment or the overall motivation to exercise, there is a community of online fitness gurus that will help bring the gym and fitness classes to you.

Maddie Lymburner (Madfit)


Looking for quick and effective workouts? The Madfit YouTube channel is the perfect fit for you. Maddie comes from a competitive dance background and began 2020 with 1.3 million YouTube subscribers. However, once the pandemic hit and gyms began to close, Maddie’s subscriber count sky-rocketed to around 5.18 million because people stuck at home couldn’t get enough of her quarantine-friendly workouts. 

Maddie’s fitness channel specializes in strength training while striving to accommodate for different types of quarantine situations. For example, many do not have access to exercise equipment at home, so Maddie began posting more body-weight workout routines with the option to swap out light weights for water bottles, shampoo bottles or other household objects. 

Maddie is also famous for her dance workouts where she leads 10 to 15-minute dance combinations to today’s most popular music for people of all levels. 

Chloe Ting

#ChloeTingChallenge is her hashtag. A quick look at her YouTube, TikTok and Instagram accounts and you will understand how she has become one of the most famous fitness gurus of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With her famous “2 Weeks Shred Challenge”, teenage girls across the globe began to post their jaw-dropping workout results. Now, with almost 17 million YouTube subscribers, her content is followed by a diverse group of people who all want to improve their health during the pandemic. 

Chloe constructs workout programs that help her audience achieve their desired results in a short period of time. This fitness guru strives to produce content that helps people take control of their mental and physical health during these unprecedented times. 

Caroline Girvan

Want a high-intensity workout? Welcome to Caroline Garvin’s fitness program, a YouTube channel focused on building a strong and balanced body. Caroline is a mother of two children and a certified personal trainer who knows the struggle of finding the motivation to begin your fitness journey. 

Her channel focuses on one-hour HIIT exercises that vary from bodyweight ab and core workouts to exercises incorporating dumbbells that help make your home feel like the gym. She strives to push her audience past their comfort zone and preaches that the destination will no longer be the focus after using her program, as you will be too busy enjoying the fitness journey. 

Caroline shares her own experiences on how she regained her level of fitness following the birth of her two children and describes her involvement in marathons and triathlons. 

Louisa Drake

Celebrity favorite Louisa Drake has trained the likes of Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Felicity Jones. She is also the founder and creator of The Louisa Drake Method (LDM) where she uses her background in nutritional studies and experience as a professional dancer to develop workouts that fuse disciplines like yoga, Pilates, conditioning, cardio, ballet and more. 

With the pandemic, Louisa has taken her fitness classes online where she creates 30 to 45-minute workouts that bring the studio environment to your home. She works to help her audience in achieving longer, leaner and stronger bodies. 

Cassey Ho

One of the original fitness influencers, Cassey Ho is an award-winning instructor and the creator of Blogilates. Over 4 million subscribers tune in to her famous Pop Pilates workouts that are fun and dynamic—even when done alone at home. Cassey also offers relaxing stretching routines that you can do in bed, yet still prove to be effective in maintaining a healthy and happy body. 

Her website is filled with all sorts of pandemic-friendly fitness content that includes 14-day quarantine workout plans, printable calendars, 30-day challenges, at-home nutrition tips and much more. Cassey aims to prove to her audience that you don’t need a gym to prioritize your physical health. 

Francesca is a writer for Her Campus SCU. She is a student at Santa Clara University in California, with a double major in English and Italian Studies and a minor in International Business. When she’s not binge-watching Netflix rom-coms, Francesca is most likely dancing as she is also a member of the Santa Clara University Varsity Dance Team.
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