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Taking Care of YOU: How I Improved My Daily Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

DISCLAIMER: This is an article about useful self-help and self-care tips that worked for me. It is possible that they will work for you, too. They also may not, and that is okay. I am not a professional.

Around this time every year, everyone begins to reflect on the year they’ve had. What were your greatest or worst moments? Was this a year you never want to forget, or a year you never want to remember? Everyone has a unique story that they could share pertaining to how they lived their life over the past year, which is why we as humans are so special. We can communicate and make decisions, leading everyone to live as they so choose.

My years are never linear, and I don’t think anyone else’s are either. Life is not linear, and that is totally okay. Obstacles are meant to get in our way, and they are inevitable. However, it is important that you learn how to properly take care of difficult situations you may encounter. Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your fellow humans. Here are some self-help routines I implemented into my everyday life.

Making my bed every morning

I know, I know- so cliché, right? What difference will making your bed make? A lot, actually. If you have not seen University of Texas at Austin’s 2014 Commencement Address (https://youtu.be/pxBQLFLei70?si=nLp5KMtJjjmmQJHU), I recommend watching it. Navy Seal Admiral William McRaven mentions that, “making your bed can change the world.”

What I took away from this is that starting with something so small in your day that you can label as an accomplishment is an open door for more accomplishments throughout the rest of your day. It could be any task like brushing your teeth, washing your face, or even brushing your hair. Small accomplishments build into bigger ones.

Having a schedule

Another basic idea, but scheduling is a huge self-help hack. Think about what your plans are for the following day: do you have an event with friends planned? What homework is due? Is there

an exam coming up that you should study for? All of these can be organized onto a calendar, making your life SO much easier. Trust me, I use several calendars every single day.

Participating in activities

I found that maintaining a healthy body connects with maintaining a healthy mind. Your body and mind are one being. It is important that you take care of both.

Some simple ways I learned to take care of my body and mind were going to the gym, going to yoga, hanging out with friends, and so many more activities that allowed me to de-stress. It is okay to have melancholy days where you are not feeling 100%, but it is very important that you find ways to lift yourself back up.

NOTE: Mental health is serious. If you feel that you need help, please reach out to a professional.

Cutting down on screen time

Newer generations have difficulty remembering a time without phones, iPads, or computers. Although it is convenient to be able to receive an instant response from your family or friends, see pictures right as they are uploaded, or laugh at a funny meme- it is just as important to take a step back from your device each day.

One thing that has made a huge difference in my everyday life is putting a screen time limit on my phone. It stops me from aimlessly scrolling for hours at a time on Instagram, getting distracted from my schoolwork, and reminds me to connect with the outdoors and friends in real life rather than through a screen. Find what works best for you, even if it means limiting one app to a certain number of hours per day.

Life is not linear. It is one big, squiggly line, full of spikes ranging upwards to downwards. It is important that during your time on this ongoing line that you take care of yourself, and others. The list above is a comprised version of some self-help activities that I found helped me become a healthier person.

Of course, this list could go on, but the ones noted above have been the most beneficial. This is all opinionated, and they may not work for you. That is perfectly okay. I would like this article to help you, whether that means taking my advice or finding your own healthy self-help routines. In

closing, make sure to stay happy, healthy, and mindful for the rest of this year and many years to come.

Lily Struzzieri

Scranton '26

Lily Struzzieri is a sophomore at The University of Scranton, majoring in English with a legal studies concentration. She plans to attend law school after her undergraduate schooling. She enjoys skiing, hiking, reading, and writing.