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Start of School Motivation: YOU Can Do This

Starting junior year is very surreal. Throughout the past two years I have learned more about myself, and life, than I ever thought I would. Therefore, I feel it is necessary to share my story with whomever is struggling with their journey of college.


School creates many feelings including fear, confusion, and for many, depression. I believe this because of the over-blown obsession with the big question, “How am I ever going to pass my classes and get a job?” To answer that, I say, “Take a deep breath, and relax your sh*t!” Work overload and students’ mental health can go hand in hand. I have given this a lot of thought and I’ve realized a couple things that can strip any student of their confidence. Here are some things to keep in mind when your morale is low:


1. A teacher telling you to drop the class is a challenge 

I’ve been told by teachers that I would not be able to succeed in their class. Ashamed and humiliated, I felt inferior to the rest of my peers. Little did I know that it was not me who was going to fail, but the professor who would be failing me. I think a professor should believe that students can pass any class, as long as they get the job done. A teacher is someone who inspires a student to move past his or her boundaries, not make that student feel incapable. Therefore, remember that YOU are the one who decides whether you pass or fail any class. You just need to push yourself and honestly believe in your knowledge to pass.


2. There will always be another party

School events and parties are very exciting. It is always fun to let loose and get your mind off all the stress and anxiety. With this being said, don’t let it ever get in the way of your studies. I recall times when I wished I could have reviewed just a little more, or spent more time studying rather than watching the new season of Rick and Morty. Trust me, seeing your girlfriends get all done up and listening to lil Uzi while singing and dancing on your bed can put on pressure. But listen, you cannot give in. You’ll feel better on the days you do well on your exams and go out after, rather than feeling like a mess and doing poorly in class. I tend to see lots of students so caught up in night life, they may end up dropping out of college (or have to leave!) So, next time you think about going out, imagine what it could cost you, literally ($1500 a class!)


3. Exercise and eat healthy

I know many have heard that eating better and exercising can make you be a better you…but guess what, IT’S TRUE. If you keep yourself in your room surviving off Cup of Noodles and Dominos, you are really going to feel like crap. We tend to think that we don’t have time to go for a run, or go out of our way to eat healthier, but that is just a lie we tell ourselves. Honestly, pay attention to the time you spend throughout your day! You will find yourself doing some nonsense task when you could be using that time to make healthy choices!



I'm a 20 year old female, studying Psychology at the University of Scranton.
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