A Movement

The most powerful figures in my life are women: a long line of fierce ladies who’ve made me feel proud of the person I am and of the ones before me. Let’s face it: women are a special kind of superhero. They’re kickass multi-taskers and, especially the ones in my life, possess huge, loving hearts. 


I wrote this poem my freshman year of college, inspired by my own mother, but also by my closest friends, my grandmothers, my aunts, sister-in-laws and girlfriends. These women have all shaped me in some way. There’s not enough words in the world that could express how grateful I am for their influence that made me the young woman I am today. 


To me, being grateful isn’t just saying it-it’s showing it, turning it into art and speaking it in ways other than words. So hi, ladies! We are a special breed of beautiful, a gorgeous mix of wonderful and a whole lot of sexy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re cis-,trans-,non-, or anything in between. As stated in the poem: it doesn’t matter who you are, you are woman. And because of that, this poem is for you. 


I am 


all shades of beautiful, all sizes of sexy,

doesn’t matter what’s between my legs 


all the strength, confidence and pride as those before me,

head held high, strut my stuff, thankful of what I was given


talked down to, underestimated, mislabeled


light a fire under us, stay out of our way, don’t even bother to put the flame out,

join us, fight with us, fuel our blaze


proud and fiercely beautiful, take no shit