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Meet Connor Lynch ‘17

Name: Connor Lynch

Year: Senior

Hometown: Green Township, NJ

Major/Minor: Neuroscience/Biochemistry

Relationship Status: Single

If you are lucky enough to have met Connor during your time here at the U, you understand how sweet and charismatic this gentle giant is. Coming from a town that he says “has more cows than people,” Connor has big dreams to become a doctor and basically save the world.


HC: Lynch, I know you are very involved. Tell me some of the stuff you do around campus!

CL: So I work at admissions as a Royal Ambassador Co-Director, I love sharing my Scranton experience with prospective families. I am an Orientation Assistant, and I also went on ISP in Jamaica this summer. I was actually the only guy in my group, but I got along great with everyone and the experience was amazing. 


HC: I heard it through the grape vine that you are leading a Search retreat next weekend!

CL:  I am! I was pretty shocked to learn I was nominated to lead Search, but also humbled. Getting to know the other people leading Search as been such a cool experience. I am very excited, a little nervous, but really looking forward to it.


HC: Describe yourself in three words.

CL:  Awkward. Outgoing. Driven.


HC: What is something about yourself that you take pride in?

CL:  Winter break of my sophomore year I decided to start taking better care of myself and adopted a healthier lifestyle. I started going to the gym and eating healthier that spring semester. It’s been a long process, but I actually lost over 70 pounds. From this, my mental state has completely changed. I am so much more positive. Only downside to this was having to buy hella new clothes.


HC: Do you have a dream job?

CL: Doctor. I have shadowed a few different fields. Pediatrics is something I can see myself doing for sure. In Jamaica for ISP, we went to a children’s school and interacting with the kids was just such a humbling experience. However, I do like cardiology as well.


HC: Dream med school?

CL: Anywhere that accepts me. But I am thinking of possibly going through the army or navy for medical school. They pay for large portion of the cost, which is extremely helpful for the future.


HC: Biggest guilty pleasure?

CL:  Grey’s anatomy. I’ve seen every episode.  


HC: Biggest pet peeve?

CL: I can’t stand if people think it’s okay to get a new seat in class halfway through the semester and wind up stealing mine. I am very particular in my seating.


HC: Tell us something most people don’t know about you.

CL: My height might make me seem unapproachable and/or scary but I’m really easy to talk to and get along with.

(HC says: I can vouch for this! J)


HC: Best year of college thus far?

CL:  Oh my god sophomore year. My quad in Redington was my four best friends from freshman year, and the quad next door was my other four best friends from freshman year as well. So it was a crazy group of eight of my homies. And I got to make some awesome girl friends across the hall.


HC: Speaking of gals, are you looking for luv Connor?

CL:  Open the idea, yes. Not actively searching, but if it crosses my path, I definitely wouldn’t mind.


HC: Three ways a girl can win you over?

CL:  1. Food (very stereotypical I know, but I can’t cook. The extent of my cooking is cereal honestly.) 2. Someone who loves and understands football and 3. Someone who appreciates Billy Joel as much as I do.



Jenna is a senior occupational therapy student here at the U. She enjoys making people laugh, frolicking in warm weather, eating copious amounts of food, and dancing the night away. Follow her on insta @jennarizzy
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