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Mental Health

A Letter to Myself When I Feel Down

Dear Me,

You are beautiful inside and out, kind and so strong. That body of yours- though it has imperfections, has stood beneath beautiful sunsets, inhaled the fresh ocean mist and met the most amazing people. Some days are more difficult than others. But, I believe that the sparkle in your eyes will never fade and you will forever persevere. 


Your hands, despite many scars, help you to help others. Your smile,while slightly crooked and awkward can make a heart happy. Your heart,even when broken, overflows with love- love that you are willing give to everyone. However, you often forget to save love for yourself, especially when you need it the most. 


So, wipe your tears and wash your face. Today and every day is a new day. Go see your friends and take a walk and enjoy the world around you. Those little worries you are holding onto will wash away- trust me. You are loved more than you can know and it’s time to love yourself too. 


Future You 

Anna Haber

Scranton '22

Hi my name is Anna I find my happiness in DIY projects and fun recipes. When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine.
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