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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

Hey ladies,

80% of college students report high levels of stress, and if you couple that with the unpredictable temperate forest we live in, that could make for more than average sniffling. Since finals season is rapidly approaching, and we don’t have our moms to nurse us back to good health, I’ve gathered some accessible holistic tips to treat any last minute head colds.

-Peppermint tea

Tea is medicine in a cup. Peppermint tea basically has the same properties as a cough drop, soothing your throat while also acting as a decongestant. It’s especially soothing for sinus infections because of the peppermint, but clear, warm liquids are greatly beneficial for a head cold.

-Hot Shower

A warm shower acts like a humidifier and quickly reduces some of the more uncomfortable symptoms of a head cold by:

1. Loosening chest congestion when inhaling the steam

2. Dilating blood vessels to reduce aches, ease stiffness, and increase the flow of oxygen as well as nutrients throughout the body

-Sinus Massages

There are so many online tutorials on easy sinus massages that you can do on yourself.

These massages dilate the areas you work on and relieve pressure, which is believed to help drain your sinuses. I can confirm that these have been a game changer for me since I’ve started doing them.

-Vapor Rub

The Puertorican in me tends to come out here, but a deep breath of menthol helps you breathe more easily and can drastically relieve an aching sinus cavity. Plus,

It doubles as a sore muscle reliever if the body aches are starting to set in.


Certain yoga moves have been utilized for thousands of years to treat illnesses. These asanas, especially those involving inversion, are supposed to draw out white blood cells to the affected areas, like the head and throat, boosting immune system response. Not only that, but yoga can improve blood and lymph circulation, drain out sinuses, clear out chest passages, as well as providing physical relief.

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