Dr. Lauren Hazzouri Brings “The Ceremony” to Scranton

On December 3 at 11 a.m., Dr. Lauren Hazzouri will be hosting a 90 minute event at the Scranton Cultural Center called “The Practice Ceremony”. Dr. Lauren is a Scranton native and licensed psychologist who founded Hazzouri Psychology, HeyLauren.com, and The Practice, which is a movement that revolutionizes the way girls and women care for their emotional health. Her goal is to allow women to live and lead meaningful and fulfilled lives through her evidence-based insights on the human condition that are infused with art, music, dance and her ability to speak candidly regarding the ever-present issues plaguing young girls and women in our society. 

In its most basic form, The Practice is what Dr. Lauren calls a “workout for your spirit” and a “pep rally for your soul”. The idea came from her desire to normalize caring for one’s mental health, but with a twist: interactive and community building “workouts” for your whole being. So, what is The Practice Ceremony, exactly? It’s a 90-minute community-based event that aims toward collective healing, growth, and awareness and appreciation of ourselves and of others. The importance of community in this event is key: for Dr. Lauren, shedding the impact social norms has on all of us is much easier when it’s done together, with an open and active dialogue. While this is the first Scranton-based Practice Ceremony, Dr. Lauren (along with her daughter, Ava) has been doing events like these in the UK, Germany and across the US for the last few years. 

Interested? We are, too. Join some of the members of HC Scranton at The Practice Ceremony on December 3 at 11 a.m. at the Scranton Cultural Center (Fourth floor, Shopland Hall.) It’ll be an event mixed with music, movement, celebration, psycho-education and an abundance of girl power. Not to mention, it’s free and open to the community! After this launch event on December 3, Dr. Lauren will be hosting The Ceremony one Sunday a month thereafter.