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It’s the middle of the semester and we all need a breather… or two. Our minds are cluttered with daily task-lists to complete, people to meet and upcoming tests. This is the perfect time to take a minute for yourself and ensure you stay mentally healthy, so things don’t escalate to a 2007 Britney breakdown.

Here’s a list of 9 ideas to help you de-stress and clear your mind:


1. Five Minute Yoga Session

Find a clear, small space big enough to stretch out. Google a couple easy and simple yoga poses and stretch away!

2. Deep Breathing Exercise

Close your eyes and focus on taking five deep breaths in and out. Center yourself!


3. Call your Mom

Sometimes all it takes to clear your head is to talk it out! Mom is always there for your venting.


4. One-Song Dance Party

Dance the stress out! Put on the best dancing song (I recommend “Mambo No. 5”) and sing along!

5. Walk Outside

Sometimes all you need is fresh air and exercise! On those busy days when the gym is too much, a quick walk outside is the greatest refresher.

6. List the Happy Things

Take a minute and list all the good things going on in your life right now. Once in a while you need to be reminded what you have in life.

7. Pamper Yourself

Paint your nails, smear on a face mask, and chill out!

8. Clean or Reorganize your Room

Putting things in your room back in order can help organize the many things running through your mind too!            

9. Meditate

Close your eyes and put a timer on for at least five minutes. Clear your mind and enjoy the break.

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