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11 Thoughts Women Have At The Gym

Whether you are an avid exercise junkie or occasional gym goer, these thoughts have probably crossed your mind at least once or twice at the gym!

1. Do I really need to be here right now?

I can’t even count the number of times I have asked myself, “How bad would it really be if skipped the gym today?”

2. What is that smell?

How can one place smell like sweaty socks and sadness at the same time?

3. There are too many people here.

It’s like there is a rule that everyone and their mother has to go to the gym at the exact same time.

4. Sure, take my machine while I’m using it. No biggie you jack wagon.

Because I left my water bottle there just for you.

5. How much time is enough time on the elliptical?

Twenty minutes is close enough to half an hour, right? Which is basically almost an hour…go me.

6. If I’m only on this machine for a few minutes do I have to wipe it down?

If there are no sweat stains on the seat it doesn’t count, right?

7. My butt looks great in these pants

Be honest, you’ve checked yourself out in the mirror to see how good your butt looks. Workout pants have magical butt lifting powers.

8. Please don’t let me pass out on this one-mile run.

There is a very high likelihood I might give up halfway and bring my speed to a brisk walk. Power walking burns calories too, right?

9. Why am I sweating enough to fill three kiddie pools?

No amount of deodorant will prevent the excessive amounts of sweat from flooding my pores.

10. I could use a nap right about now.

Who wants to workout when you could be sleeping?

11. And finally, how many doughnuts can I eat after this?

Nothing is better than rewarding yourself with a tasty doughnut. You might have just ruined the whole workout but hey, you’re happy.

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