What No One Tells You About Bodybuilding

My brother is a bodybuilder. Just trust me on this.

1. The Weird Diet.

Image courtesy of Flex Online.

Bodybuilders can only eat certain foods. Most involve egg whites and chicken cooked to certain temperatures. However, I have seen my brother eat a combination of oatmeal, peanut butter and pineapple juice.

2. So Much Protein Powder.

Image courtesy of Jordan Di Pirro.

I call this the 'Tower of Vitamin World Products.' The sad part about this picture is that I didn’t even grab all the containers of protein powder. Yes, there is more! This is why I have nowhere to sit in my kitchen. It’s also the reason why my brother gets a birthday card from Vitamin World, EVERY YEAR.

3. The Judging of Food.

Image courtesy of HoustonPress.

Sometimes a girl wants to eat cake in peace, OK? Most of the human population can’t survive on chicken and egg whites alone. Just let me eat my cake.

4. Eating all the Time.

Image courtesy of Jordan Di Pirro.

Bodybuilders have to eat every two hours. If they eat lunch at noon, at 2 p.m. they are still starving. A snack won't tide them over either; they need a full oddly specific meal. When living with a bodybuilder one just accepts second lunch as a common meal practice.

5. Poking Body Fat.

Image courtesy of ViralNova.

I can’t confirm that this is true for ALL bodybuilders. My brother could be that one weird exception. I’ll just be minding my own business and he’ll come in and poke my arm with a look of distain. Sometimes he’ll even say, “fatty.” Don’t be sad for me. The idea is truly ridiculous.

So the next time you worry about your untoned body or poor diet, just remember all of the obnoxious habits of a bodybuilder and be happy that you're a normal person.