How To Pick a Major

The honest truth is that majors can be hard to pick. Sometimes picking a major comes easy for students, and sometimes it’s a decision that is hard made; after all, it is a decision that affects the rest of your life. There are points every student needs to consider when deciding a major and we have laid them out for you here. 

1. Find Where Your Interests and Abilities Meet 

Many students choose their major in line with their passions in life. What if you have too many passions or if your passions are not as easily identified? Thinking of your abilities is a good place to start, although, it is good to keep in mind that college is a place to learn and grow. Finding your interests is key and relating those to your values, which is what you will find rewarding throughout life. Sometimes it’s helpful to go to our peers or our family to help identify our interests and abilities, especially those who have known you for a long time. 


2. Think About the Future 

There are a few things to consider when thinking of the future of your degree and eventually your career. Are you still going to enjoy it years from now? As they say, “do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Is it employable? Do your research! Find the career placement rates at your university; meet with advisors/career advisors for more information. Will it be around later in life? Find a career or direction that will stand the test of time. What will it pay? Research career earnings projections and speak with career advisors. 


3. Give Yourself Some Time! 

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your major doesn’t have to be picked in a day either. As time at your university goes on, your interests and hobbies can change too. Give yourself time to find yourself and to find what you’re truly passionate about. Start taking your foundations courses and immerse yourself into your classes until you can find interests you really want to pursue. 


4. Seek Out Help 

Your career and success advisors are there for you! Your advisors can help with specific information about majors, campuses, course schedules, etc. Take advantage of their help and knowledge. Talk to your peers going through the same motions. Find what your peer’s experiences are and how they managed to pick a field. Reach out to your parents. Your parents have known you for a few decades now, so their advice can be indispensable. 


Picking a major can be a big decision, but it’s not a decision that must be made overnight. Remember to give yourself time to adjust to your life at your university. Take time to do your homework and your research. Reach out to people around you, whether it be family and friends, or your advisors. Take time to figure yourself out and always remember to follow your passions and your heart. Here is a quiz that gives you helpful suggestions in what to major in!