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Sometimes are days can get really hectic and exhausting and all we want to do is curl up in bed and get some rest. Being a college student, I totally understand how this downtime is required for anyone to be rejuvenated for the next day. So, here are some of the ways I settle down before sleeping that hopefully you guys can do too!

1. Stick to a Routine 

Having a routine is only going to provide some structure in your life. I usually wash my face before bed to take off the remains of my makeup and just to feel a little refreshed and clean. Then, before I brush my teeth, I’ll make myself a hot cup of tea. It’s nothing fancy, I just use the tea bags I bought and put it in hot water. I end the night by putting all my devices away and having some downtime to reflect on the day and just calm my mind. I personally don’t do this, but I know from a lot of my friends that actually taking a hot shower also helps you sleep better as well.  

2. Prep your stuff for the next day 

After a long day at work or school or both, you just want to dump your things on the floor and worry about the rest tomorrow. However, I always think it’s helpful to pack my bag or my food for the upcoming day. I always take a look at my schedule to make sure I don’t have any pending work and then I pack my bag for the next morning. It’s really useful in case I wake up late and don’t have time to pack it all. This allows you to make sure you have everything and regardless of what time you wake up, you know you have all your things for the next day. If you want to eat something quick before you leave, you can even set out the food or keep it at the front of the fridge so it’s right there and you can instantly make that bagel or smoothie. 

3. Putting your screens away for 15 minutes 

My mother used to tell me to put all my devices away before bed in high school and I always used to do it so reluctantly but now I’m thanking her. It’s been found that if you do this, it allows your brain to settle down and just ease into your sleep better. I put my phone, my laptop and my iPad far away from me and just take some time to doodle, read a book or just listen to some music. Sometimes, I just go and hang out with my parents, since I live at home, and I find that helpful too.

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