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Four ways to stay active at home

I understand that being under quarantine can make you lazy. Believe me, I’m in the same boat during these tough times. However, during your free time it is important to stay healthy and in shape. I’m not saying you should do a daily 30-minute or an hour long workout. However, you should stay active in some way. You don’t want to make a habit out of staying in bed all day and only getting up to go to the bathroom or getting food. You can get active in some of the easiest ways. Here are four different ways you can get active from the comfort of your home:

Go for a walk

This is an easy one. You can go outside and walk around your neighborhood. Or you can simply walk around your house for a good amount of time. It’s important to get on your feet and get those steps in.

Online yoga

For one of my online classes, I’m taking a course that is based off of yoga and meditation. There are also so many free yoga courses online to look into. If you’re not into hardcore workouts or running, yoga is a good way to stay fit and it helps with flexibility. Find a good yoga routine that works for you.

Learn dances off of Tik Tok

This is a fun way to get active, especially for those of you who love Tik Tok dances. I’ve actually learned a few dances myself and it definitely gets me moving. Even if you’re not into Tik Tok, dancing around is a great way to get moving and it’s a good form of physical activity.

Do some stretches

Like I said, you don’t want to make a habit of staying in bed all day. Get out of bed and stretch to wake up your body. Get on your feet as much as your can and remember to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Stretching really does help get your body going and it’s a fresh start to your day.

Stay home, stay safe, & stay active!

Naya West is an actor, singer, dancer, and content creator from Augusta, GA. She graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design. where she majored in Performing Arts and earned her B.F.A in Entertainment Arts. Naya also has her own personal blog, called Just Being Me, where she talks about her many life experiences and gives advice to others. Her hobbies and interests include cooking/baking, watching anime, reading, and making videos for her YouTube channel.
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