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7 Self-Love Tips for You to Embrace This Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD ATL chapter.

So, the winter is almost over, but it’s effects can be lasting if we don’t take care of our lovely selves.  This quarter, I set out with the intention to promote health, well-being and self-love.  I had every intention of taking readers and our wonderful team on a journey to getting healthy and loving ourselves.  What has happened so far feels like quite the opposite.  Although we have sprinkled the theme of self-love and health throughout our content and have tried to partner with various other organizations to both grow our brand-new baby chapter and promote ways to deal with stress, I have found myself doing what I do every winter instead: well, hybernate.  That may sound a little crazy and I used to think this was super unhealthy – that I just needed to get better at managing myself. But now that I am getting a little wiser, I am finding that life has its rhythms and it’s ok to go with the seasons to a degree.  There is a reason that, while it’s cold, the earth kind of goes to sleep and there’s a reason that when it gets dark, we get tired.  Our bodies and minds need rest sometimes from the production of life.  What I mean is to make the best of a wintery situation by knowing what’s good for you right now and doing the little things that keep you in a good place while everything around you is asleep.  It may be different for everyone but there are a few things that are universal that everyone can benefit from adding here and there.  Here are a few ways I have found (and illustrated) that help me get through the winter without getting too S.A.D. 

Set boundaries

Girl, you’ve got to be the first one to value your body, time and self.  Boundaries are simply the way we teach others how to properly treat us.  It all starts with learning how to properly treat ourselves.  You are responsible to teach others how valuable you are and to treat yourself that way.  You are responsible for you – so, here’s to embracing yourself with acceptance.  You’re worth it. 

Drink enough water

Water makes up about 60%-ish of your body, so if you do not replace what leaves your body in either urine or sweat, there will be problems.  Oh, how many world problems would be solved if only people got enough water in their lives.  Dehydration can cause many things like headaches, dry mouth and skin, crankiness, joint pain and in later stages, cancer…How many things do we do that we regret just because we feel like crap?  I guess, that’s where that acronym HALT comes from.  The rule is to basically not make important decisions, have an important conversation, or really do anything important or with major consequences if you are: Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.  First fix the problem, then make the decision with a clear mind. It’s different for everybody, so drink enough for your body and is even dependent on your activity level.  Some signs of dehydration are having a dry mouth, headaches, dry skin, being tired or when you have yellow urine.  So, if you notice you are getting a little dehydrated, just take care to drink some water. Being dehydrated can make you both tired and angry, so fix it before making any important decisions, ladies. 

Get your vitamins

These are essential to your body’s overall functionality of like your whole body.  Having the proper amount in your body, allows it to function without straining or falling apart in various painful ways.  For example, did you know that painful hangnails are a result of not getting enough zinc or vitamin C?  Vitamins also help keep you in a balanced mood, fight depression and even fatigue (an SO much more).  So, keep the happy pills rollin.’  

Go to your happy place (literally & figuratively)

Whether it revolves around certain people, activities or just a specific mentality.  It’s really about the perspective this mental, sometimes physical, place gives you.  For me, taking a walk, going to the river or just grabbing some coffee with a friend I know and love is all I need to get some perspective on my life. It’s important to know what gets us mentally to a place of balance not only to release stress but also for the general maintenance and quality of our lives.  In the winter when it is frigid and you cannot go outside, going to a happy place in your imagination is just as effective.  Mindfulness and meditation is also a good way to get to a good place mentally.  So, what’s your happy place? 

Spend quality time

Then there are the times you just need to have people around who you know, who know you, who love you for who you are.  Seriously, it’s like one of the 5 most basic needs all people have, hello!  So, it’s clearly important.  Spend time with people who you know because they are the ones who will remind you how valuable you are and of reality, really.  If you don’t have people like this in your life, get them; invest time into a few peeps by hanging regularly, doing stuff together and sharing who you are.  Seriously, these friends will be super valuable in hard times as well as the good ones. 

Get dressed up

The perfect pick-me-up at times is just a sweet dress, some friends, music and a cocktail.  Feeling pretty in your own skin is essential for the everyday-ness of daily life.  So, whether you dress up during the day or getting your going-out primp on, do what you do to feel your best and remember that you’re a hottie worth goddess treatment.  That’ll make you get your groove on for sure.   

Be present

Whether it’s looking a little closer at the things around you or saying yes to a date with a friend or someone you care about in the middle of your busy schedule, take the time to be present and appreciate the current stuff of your life. Get to know the people in your life, not only for how amazing they are beneath the surface, but also because, on a professional level, you never know if they are going to be your future key to connecting with some great opportunities (it’s called networking ;)).  Being present is also about being adaptable enough to recognize an important opportunity to connect where you normally would not have.  Here’s to recognizing opportunities dressed in overalls that look like something you don’t want to do and being present enough to see it (ahem, see the famous Thomas Edison quote & take note). 

Here’s another list to check out when you are needing some extra attention:  Everything is Awful and I’m not Okay…

I hope you got a key or two from this that help you along your wintery journey and the rest of your year even – luckily, winter in Georgia is quickly turning to spring (soak it up).  Take advantage of the sun and the beautiful nature right here in Atlanta – the city is proud of its 40% tree coverage.  Many self-care techniques work year-round and are super simple ways to get back to yourself quickly.  I hope you find the best ones for you.  Don’t be afraid to try things out and discover your own keys to health as well.  Above all, take care of yourself.  You are the only you we have.  

Happy Self-Love Saturday.

Starting out as a staff writer & visual contributor in the Spring of 2016, Christine soon became the replacement Campus Correspondent at Her Campus Savannah College of Art and Design for the 2016-17 school year. In January 2017, she facilitated the launch of the SCAD Atlanta branch's own editorial launch, apart from the Savannah campus, leading the team to win some 2017 Her Campus awards!  She is an illustrator and avid history lover, and she also served in the Army as an Analyst and went to Bethel Ministry School before attending SCAD.  Her goal, as an illustrator, writer and in life in general, is to mine life of the treasure contained within.  She loves to find and put on display ideas, people (portraiture) and beautiful things.  Valuable things that are all around us in our everyday life in the form of friends, coworkers, classmates, nature, even industry.  She loves music (even writing songs and performing!), dance and new adventures.   Eventually she plans to write and illustrate children's books, have her own business featuring greeting cards, paper products, and her own revolutionary online/physical editorial publication.  For more about Christine check out her website at www.christineburney.com.