Spirituality Over Stress: Tips on How to Stay Calm in College

If you’re looking to become more spiritual, here are a couple of helpful methods to use right from your college dorm:

Essential Oils

Healing is the main use of essential oils. Whether it be peppermint oil used to clear up your stuffy nose, or to relax your mind with lemon oil, there’s a million uses for essential oils.


One way to use them is to diffuse them. A diffuser is only around $20, and oils are cheap too. My personal favorite is using lavender oil in my diffuser at night. Lavender is used for sleep and relaxation.

Pillow spray

You can also make a pillow or fabric spray by adding water into a spray bottle and 5-7 drops of lavender essential oils of your choice then shake well before every use. Use it at night to fall asleep with Lavender or to get you started for the day with wild orange oil.


Another use of essential oils is to apply a few drops under your nose and on your arms when you are working out or for even more spirituality, practicing yoga. Peppermint is refreshing when you’re practicing yoga. The peppermint makes you feel motivated and gives a cool feeling of refresh when your heart is pumping.


Yoga is something that is used for physical activity and for spirituality so it’s a win - win really.


Yoga is a practice combined with poses to increase flexibility with balance and a full body workout. A pose to help balance is the tree pose. One for flexibility is a crescent lunge.


Doing yoga is a practice of slow breathing of in through your nose and out through your mouth. With a steady breath, it helps you to ground your body and bring yourself to the present moment. The breathing helps to keep you relaxed and focused on nothing in the present.

Mental health

Using yoga as a distraction when you’re sad because it drains the negative thoughts and brings you to the present moment. This has helped me tremendously when I am having a bad day or feeling down. It drains your brain of negative thoughts and make you appreciate your body.