How to Reduce Stress and Calm Anxiety

Anxiety is an intense feeling where you constantly worry about things such as fears, problems and anything else that can cause you to get overly stressed. Those who have bad anxiety get very anxious they can have trouble breathing. This can cause them to hyperventilate and they can start to have a panic attack. If you are one of those people like I am I have some tips to help control these symptoms:


  1. If you are afraid of the dark or have trouble due to new surroundings:

Get a dark color t-shirt (that isn’t see through) and fold it long ways into a bandana. After you’re done folding it into a bandana, turn all of the lights off and get in bed. Put the bandana over your eyes and tie it in the back of your head not too tight, but not too loose. Lastly, all there’s left to do is get comfortable in bed and eventually you’ll drift off faster!  

  1. When I’ve had a stressful week/month I try to use Friday nights as my relaxation time to pamper myself.

Take a warm to hot shower (I usually take a hot shower due to tight/tense muscles) and as the shower warms up, pour some drops of eucalyptus essential oil on the floor of the shower while in it. This allows you to relax due to aromatherapy. While your pores are open due to the steam and heat of the shower, put your favorite face wash on and let it sit on your face until you feel a cool sensation on your face. Then, wash it off.  

Pour peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil (disregard if you’re allergic to any of these oils) onto your wash cloth or loofa, add more soap and wash over your back, shoulders, neck, legs, arms and even your feet to help your body relax. After you washed the soap off and get back to your room, dry off, moisturize your body and put a face mask on and watch a movie. Lastly, once you take off your face mask, make sure to splash cold water on your face to close your pores and moisturize your skin. 

  1. Relaxing is key to de-stressing and controlling your anxiety

If you are stressed or overly stressed, de-stressing as much as you can is key. Set a day or days of the week or month where you can breathe and just let loose (mine are Friday and Sunday nights). These nights you pamper yourself, read a

book/magazine, watch a movie/show and just chill in your bed with snacks. Sometimes when I don’t feel like watching anything or reading, I put on calming classical music or natural sounds and do yoga in my room.

Article by Amber Peralta.