The Basics of Astrology: Finding Your Big 3 and What They Mean

Over the past year or so, my friends and I have become obsessed with astrology. Since becoming so invested in it, I’ve come to learn that it’s so much more complex than most people realize. Astrology is so much more than saying “I’m a Libra, so I’m super indecisive.” An entire chart can be created describing who you are as a person and certain life paths you may be on. If you’re reading this and thinking ‘what the hell is this girl talking about?’, you’re not alone. It can be super confusing figuring out what different planets and signs and houses mean. Now, by no means am I an expert on any of this, nor am I an astrologer. This is just the information I’ve acquired over the past year by getting more into astrology. I think the best place to start in figuring out the basics of astrology is to find out your big three: Your sun, moon, and rising sign.

Your Sun Sign:

So, your sun sign is most likely the one you already know. All you have to do is look up your birthday and you’ll figure out what your sun sign is. There are twelve zodiac signs in general including Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. I’m sure you’re looking at one of these and thinking ‘oh yeah, that looks familiar.’ The sun in astrology represents the individual person, so most people discuss only their sun sign in a very general sense when talking about astrology. For example, I’m a Libra. The typical characteristics of a Libra include being indecisive, obsessed with beauty and aesthetics, and a need for balance and fairness. All of these are true for me, but other Libras may look at that and think, ‘wow that’s way too general to relate to.’ That’s because people assume their sun sign is all there is to astrology, but it’s so much more.

Your Moon Sign

Your moon sign in astrology is representative of your deep inner emotions and more below the surface details of yourself; the things you keep in and maybe don’t share with others. Personally, I think your moon sign is one of the most important aspects of an astrological chart because I think most people can relate to their moon sign more than their sun sign. As I mentioned before, I’m a Libra sun, but my moon is in Scorpio, so often when reading horoscopes or just traits of certain signs, I find myself relating more to Scorpio than Libra. Now you can’t find your moon sign just based off your birthday, because your moon sign is based off where the moon was positioned when you were born. All you need to know is your time of birth to figure it out, so if you’re not sure of it just text your mom and ask her. To find your moon sign I suggest going to

Your Rising Sign:

Your rising/ascendant sign is also based on what time you were born. Rising signs change every two hours, so if you and your friend were born on the same day, you’d have the same sun sign, but probably different rising signs. Your rising sign is basically how other people perceive you. You may be a Capricorn sun, but if your rising sign is a Gemini, to other people you’d seem to have the characteristics of a Gemini rather than a Capricorn. Personally, I’m a rising Gemini which means when I first meet others I come across as chatty, bubbly, and sociable. Many attribute rising signs as the ‘mask’ you display for the rest of society, before getting to know you better. To calculate your rising sign I suggest going to

Believe it or not, there is so much more to astrology than this, but if you’re interested in learning more like I am, I think getting these basics down is a pretty good place to start. To calculate your full chart and go deeper into astrology, these are some of my favorite websites, Twitter accounts, and YouTubers: (my personal absolute favorite!!!)