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With Its New Audio Astrological Birth Chart, Spotify Knows Its Target Audience

Time Capsule, Daily Mix, On Repeat, Release Radar, and Discover Weekly – these are just a few of the personalized playlists Spotify curates for each user. It seems as if Spotify knows just the right ways to keep on enhancing the listening experience, while simultaneously making their subscribers even more loyal over time (you and I both know Spotify users can kind of act like a cult). With its latest release of the ‘Only You’ feature, which generates a personal audio astrological birth chart for each user, the music streaming service knows exactly how to target its audience. 

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Nowadays, it seems everyone on TikTok wants to spearhead a side hustle in astrology by giving readings, creating detailed birth charts, and making hilarious videos about the signs’ general archetypes. But fear not if you don’t find yourself on the astrological side of TikTok; maybe you have Co-Star downloaded on your phone, or any other app that provides your daily horoscope, sign compatibility, and sun, moon, and rising (etcetera) placements instead.

No matter where you get your astrological content, it’s undeniable that this generation is fixated on astrology, and Spotify capitalized on this in a way I didn’t know that I needed in my life (hbu?).

What Exactly Is Spotify’s New ‘Only You’ Feature?

“With more than 70 million tracks and 2.6 million podcast titles to pick from, there’s always something new to discover, share, and enjoy—but we know that nobody listens quite like you. So today, we are launching Only You, a global campaign complete with an in-app experience and personalized playlists that celebrates just that,” Spotify said in a press release. They went all-in with the fact that each listener genuinely has a unique music taste, with a “no snowflake is quite the same” approach.

I like feeling special, don’t you? Ugh, sorry, Spotify just really gets me feeling all warm and fuzzy.

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(live look at me when I saw my Only You playlists)

What’s The Deal With The Audio Birth Chart, & How Do I Get Mine?

Oh, honey. Did you think the personalized playlists Spotify made before were amazing? Just you wait.

“Your Audio Birth Chart [is] a musical meeting of cosmic proportions,” Spotify explained in their release. Your sun sign is represented by the artist you’ve listened to the most over the last six months. You moon sign is an artist you’ve listened to that best shows your emotional side. Your rising sign is an artist you’ve recently connected with. But how do they know?!

By examining your listening habits, Spotify is able to not only stream music for you, but truly create a whole new robust playlist ecosystem for each of its users, all wrapped up in shareable social graphics for all of your social platforms (talk about marketing geniuses!). 

Who knew so much could be revealed about a person based on their favorite songs, artists, and listening habits? Spotify did, that’s who. Now, where are all my Pisces at?! Was your sun sign Billie Eilish, too?

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