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These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Break Your Heart

Today, we’re talking about the zodiac signs most likely to break your heart. In Signs Of The Times, Her Campus gets all of the dirty details about the signs directly from astrologers. Today, Taryn Leigh Bond, a Tropical Astrologer who offers readings and teaches people how to read birth charts, shares which three signs are most likely to break your heart.

The risk of getting hurt shouldn’t be top of mind when you entertain a new relationship, but when you’ve been burned before it can be hard to put the potential for reward over every little thing that may go wrong. After all, some people are almost guaranteed to hurt you, even if they don’t mean to. It makes sense you’d keep your emotions guarded while you try to suss out the intentions of your new interest or predict the route you two may take together. 

It’s not just romantic interests, either. Even your BFF can break your heart, especially when the breakup isn’t handled with care. All it takes is a person you love – romantically, platonically, or otherwise – but there are three signs that are a bit more likely to leave your heart bleeding.

Read on to see which three zodiac signs, whether their placement is in the Moon, Venus, or Mars, are most likely to break your heart. 


This air sign is the most adaptable sign, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Sometimes being adaptable can be taken too far. “They want to be engaged and stimulated, and their attention naturally goes to what is currently providing this,” astrologer Taryn Leigh Bond tells Her Campus. Geminis are inherently fun to be around, making it quick and easy to fall hard and fast for them. “They may reciprocate in the moment, but you have to keep them entertained if you want your Gemini to stick around!” They’re more likely to be on to their next fascination, leaving you heartbroken in the process. 


Aries is fueled by their passion and their instinct. “Aries’ enthusiastic, straightforward energy is easy to adore, and in the moment, an Aries placement can make you feel like the only person in the world,” Bond says. “But as the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is ever-seeking adventure and new beginnings.” This often translates to the way they approach their relationships, making it risky to fall in love with one. 


It’s impossible for this fire sign to not be the life of the party, attracting your attention. “Engaging and inspiring, Sagittarius is always seeking the next big dream, goal, aspiration, or adventure,” Bond says. “They make big plans quickly, but as a mutable sign they can also change these big plans quickly.” If you want to keep up with their lofty visions, you have to be adaptable, too, not to mention share in their excitement. Otherwise, they’ll be long gone.

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