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“Self care is how you take your power back” – Lalah Delia. 

The semester has finally come to an end. Thank God!

This semester was stressful for many as we all were determined to finish strong. Now that the semester has concluded, it is the perfect time to relax and practice self care. Practicing self care is more than just wearing a cute robe and lighting a candle. It’s about taking the time to invest in your well-being. Time is so valuable, so why not spend some of your time focusing on you and only you. Often times, we are busy trying to please others that we forget to please and take care of ourselves. When we do not take the time for ourselves, we struggle physically, mentally and emotionally. Our entire aura shifts. To begin your self care process it is important to stop overextending yourself. You have to  realize that you can say “no”. Saying no isn’t always a bad thing. If you need to take a step back from a task or a commitment to protect your peace, do so. You are not being selfish or lazy, you are caring for your well-being. Self care is not self indulgence but instead it is self-preservation. 

Cheers to you! 

Morgan Croff

Savannah '23

A look inside of the mind of a 21 year old black girl
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