Ways to Manage School and Self-Care!

Oftentimes in college, we tend to forget to manage our schoolwork and our self-care/mental health. When you get in a habit of not balancing these two aspects of our life, things can tend to feel really overwhelming. It’s important to set boundaries for ourselves and find ways to help ease this stress.


1. Set timers!

This can be really hard, but also really helpful if used correctly. If you are working on an assignment and are wanting to take a break, try to set a 30-minute timer. Try working on homework for 30 minutes and then taking a 5-10 minute break! 


2. Designate spaces

As college students, we often end up doing our homework in bed. That can make it harder to sleep and make your relaxation time feel like you should be working. Try working on your homework somewhere else and only using your bed for relaxation and sleeping purposes!


3. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

Accept that it is okay if you can’t be perfect all the time! You can’t get perfect grades and be a perfect student 24/7. If you put those expectations on yourself you will end up being consistently disappointed. 

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