Treat Yourself

We currently have 18 days of class left this semester! However, that means it’s starting to get crazy busy and stressful. You will probably have a few mental breakdowns while finishing those papers, projects and cramming for tests. Soooo.. here are a few things to do to reduce your stress and hopefully motivate you to work hard and destroy the last few weeks.


Spa Night! 

Grab some friends, head to TJ Maxx, and grab some cheap spa stuff: face masks, a new nail kit, snacks and whatever else.



It’s okay to take a study break and watch a movie either alone or with some friends. Pick something on Netflix you have been dying to watch and get some healthy snacks that will give you energy. Short mental breaks will help you get motivated and clear your mind.


Go shopping! 

Head to Target, TJ Maxx, or the mall with your friends and buy something to treat yourself. By leaving campus for a little while, you will clear your mind and be more motivated once you have to get back to work. Don’t spend too much money or you will stress yourself out from that!



Find a tasty recipe that you can make in your dorm on Pinterest. This is a good way to take a break from studying and also eat a good snack/meal other than eating in the caf every night. Cook something healthy for extra energy!



Head to the Wellness Center and burn some calories while taking a break. It doesn’t have to be an intense workout, even walking or biking will be great! Hopefully it will warm up soon so you can even head to Vander Veer to walk with some friends.



A simple nap always helps! It will clear your mind and give you more energy for work later.