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Tips to Get Through Finals Week!

Tips to survive finals week!

Finals are coming up in just a few short weeks! As college students, we tend to resort to staying up too late, and drinking too much iced coffee. Instead of doing that, here are some better strategies to get through finals week.


1. Sleep

Sleep is essential to survive finals week. Though tempting, staying up all night or until three in the morning is not good for your body. Self-care is crucial to making it through finals. Staying up all night is just going to wear you down.

2.  Find out all of your and exam dates and assignment due dates

Making sure you know what is coming up is essential. If you’re unprepared things can get out of hand very quickly.

3.  Start studying before you need to

Don’t study the night before!! I know that this is a habit that a lot if us are guilty of, but this will only make your finals week more difficult and stressful. 

4.  Try to eat healthy

Eating healthy will help your body have the proper nourishment that it needs to get through the week. If you eat unhealthy junk food your going to feel even more tired and sluggish during finals. 

5. Get exercise 

Exercise is a stress reliever, so if you have time to get in a work out use it. Plus, exercising releases endorphins so it will make you feel good!








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