How To Become A Girl Boss

How To Become A Girl Boss 

Being a woman in business comes with its challenges. Most women are told that they’re either “too nice” or “too aggressive” in the workplace. Why do we have to be considered either? Instead, be a Girl Boss! Women like Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Sheryl Sandberg, and Sara Blakely are prime examples of women that WORK IT in the business world. Not only are these women self-made but they're confident, determined, and passionate human beings. The world needs more powerful women… so what are you waiting for? Use these tips to become the next Girl Boss in your career!


1. Confidence

First up, Confidence! Every successful woman used her confidence to get to where she is today. Don’t worry if finding your confidence is a struggle for you. There are simple ways to practice being confident. You have to first know your strengths. As women, it’s known that we focus more on our weaknesses than we do on our strengths. I’m here to tell you... stop it! You didn’t make it this far in your career to focus on everything you did wrong. You’re in the position you’re now for a reason; someone saw something in you. My advice to you is to use your strengths to your advantage. Not every person has the same strengths, so use yours to bring something unique to the table. In your career, if you continue to be the best version of yourself, you will excel in what you do. The next thing to do is find a close friend or family member and practice saying things that you typically wouldn't. For instance, maybe you have a great idea for the next project at your work and you're nervous to bring it up during the next meeting. No worries girl, tell your friend to act like someone in the meeting (maybe your boss) and have them give you multiple responses to your “new idea” and then practice what you would say back. As simple as that!


2. Networking  

Next up, Networking! This is one of the most important things you can do to build your career. Those who are around you in your career, but also below you can help you excel in your profession. Don’t forget about your peers either. Look at networking as every relationship you build gives you that many more opportunities towards finding your dream career. Relationships and trust matter in the workplace. You want your co-workers and boss to turn to YOU when they need help with something. This shows that you’re a reliable person and that you can take on any challenge, likely putting you in a position for a promotion someday. An easy way to network is to meet people for coffee, lunch, or dinner. NEVER let down an opportunity to meet someone new or go to a Lunch and Learn that your work might provide.


3. Stop Apologizing 

Have you ever been the girl that someone bumped into you but you’re the one apologizing? How about the girl that says sorry because your phone cut out when talking to someone? It’s okay, we’ve all been there. But girl, stop apologizing! You don’t want these habits carrying over into your career. Apologizing in the workplace can portray you as weak towards others, especially men. How many men do you know that say sorry for a small mistake that they’ve made… not very many. So as a woman, take sorry out of your vocabulary unless your responsible or wouldn’t do the same thing again. If you are held accountable, ask for feedback from your boss like, “How can I do this differently?”. Or if you’re in charge of a project that falls behind use a phrase like “Thank you for your patience while we handle this project, we will have it done by Monday of next week.” These phrases show that you're owning up to the situation but that you also appreciate the patience of those involved. Responding with actions more than words sometimes can say the most.


4. Negotiation

Most females struggle with asking for what they want, but the most successful women in business LEARN to ask for what they want. Negotiation is all about asking for what you DESERVE. As most of us know, there is a wage gap between men and women at some businesses. However, what we don’t know is one of the reasons for the wage gap is because women don’t ask for raises or promotions nearly as much as men do. It’s found that women don’t ask for what they want because they feel that they “already make enough”, they might come off as “too greedy”, or simply because they’re nervous to ask. Listen up ladies, NEVER stay satisfied. If you’re a hard worker and have a lot to offer to a business, it’s okay to ask for more money. In an interview, most women say yes to the first offer they receive because they’re excited to have the job or because they don’t feel comfortable saying no to someone they just met. I’m here to tell you that saying NO is okay! Negotiation is an important part of a business and as a woman, you must know how to effectively do it. Before you go into an interview, research about the starting pay for the position you're interviewing for. That way you have a salary expectation and you won’t accept the offer for less than your expectation. You can also bring up your research if they’re offering less pay for the position than they should. Next, you must practice, practice, practice. Ask someone you trust to act as the employer in the interview. When you rehearse try to prepare for all possibilities, contingencies, and alternatives. Lastly, you might be wondering how exactly you say no to an offer? If you receive an offer that is less than your salary expectation, you can say, “This is an attractive offer but more conservative than the market is at.” Then you can explain why you are valuable for this position and make a strong counter offer. 


5. Say YES to new positions and opportunities more

Every successful businesswoman learns to say yes to opportunities, even if she doesn’t have everything that the position requires. A woman may look at a higher position and say “I’m missing these two requirements so I’m not going to apply” whereas a man who looks at the same position might be missing more than half of the requirements but will still apply. As a woman ask yourself, “What would the man version of myself do?” and you might find yourself saying yes to more opportunities. Saying yes can only bring you one step closer to reaching your dreams and goals. Or it might bring you one step closer to a promotion in your career or a great offer from another company. Try being the yes girl! You never know where it could take you!


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