5 Tips for Staying Healthy This Season

1. Drink that tea

Seriously though, tea is an amazing way to stay healthy during this time of year. This warm drink helps keep your throat feeling better, and boosts your immune system. Need that extra caffeine boost? Try Yogi’s Positive Energy tea to keep your spirits up while studying for finals. 

(Box of 16 bags approx. $3.89 @ Walmart)


2. Get Some Sleep

I understand that this one can be hard to do with all these crazy schedules. But trying to manage your time to get 7-9 hours of sleep during the winter can seriously help your mental and physical health. One tip is to try and give yourself a ‘bedtime’ also try to get up around the same time everyday to avoid that lag in your energy levels.


3. Make time for your friends!

I know that everyone is getting busy, but taking time to see your friends can have major impacts on both mental and physical health. Seasonal depression affects us all whether you realize it or not. Being stuck inside, having loads of work, and many sunless cold days impacts us in very negative ways. Poor mental health can directly affect physical health by lowering our immune systems making it the perfect time for those germs to attack. Go be social to try and beat the winter blues! 


4. Clean your place

Find the time to clean your room, apartment, house or whatever. Not only just basic cleaning and putting your stuff away. Get some disinfectant wipes and clean all the common items too. Living in dorms with others is basically a huge breeding ground for bacteria so wiping down shared areas can really help prevent many of these germs from being spread. 


5. Hit up the gym

There’s a reason that you hear that you should be active for 30 minutes a day. Doing light workouts even when you are beginning to feel that cold coming on can help you avoid something worse. The WRC offers so many awesome (and FREE) classes as well. Yoga, express HIIT, cardio kickboxing, and spin class are some of the classes currently offered for those who like guided workouts.   

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