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5 Feelings You’re Having At This Point In The Semester

We are in Week 6 of the semester. This is the point where we start to realize what is due in the next two weeks before spring break. That midterm paper, the group project you have avoided, oh and all those midterm exams?? Those are also coming up. 

While we are stressing about classes, work, and extra-cirriculars we are also dreaming of Spring Break, graduation, and summer break that is approaching. 

I may not be inside each and every person’s head, but I have an idea you are feeling 1 or 5 of these:

Tests, papers, projects, games, work, IT NEVER ENDS! 

We just have to make it through the next two weeks and we can enjoy a week either in the sun, at home, or on the couch right??

Seniors: “CANT WAIT TO GRADUATE AND NOT HAVE TO DO SCHOOL EVER AGAIN” (unless you are going to grad school)

Reality: “Yes you graduated college and it’s a huge accomplishment, but now you have to find a job, pay for EVERYTHING, wear real pants everyday, and stay sober on weekdays.”

It’s almost the halfway point of the semester. Summer is so close but so far away. You only have like 2463712197 things to do until you are home for summer but hey–stay positive!

Once you realize that you still have to finish the semester and do all these things, you rely on coffee to get you by. 



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