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What To Do When You’re Having A Bad Day

Have you ever felt like nothings going right? Like everything is all jumbled in your head and you’re not in the mood to talk to anyone or do anything? I’ve definitely had many days like these in the past, and even had one recently. Luckily, now that I’ve had a few of these days, I know how to handle them. These are a few ways that I like handle my bad days.

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Get out of bed.

This can sometimes seem like a daunting dask when they day is already off to a bad start. Despite this, I find that the more that I stay in bed, the worse I actually feel. Staying in bed just gives me more of an incentive to do nothing all day, and being unproductive will end up making me feel worse, so while it takes a lot of willpower, sometimes I just have to force myself up.


Take a shower.

When I’m not having the best day, I like to shower as soon as I get out of bed. I feel refreshed and it makes me feel more alert, and I’ll feel less likely to lay down afterwards. Showering also helps me clear my thoughts. I tend to think a lot in the shower, and sometimes even cry in there when I need to, it helps me feel more relaxed and puts my mind at ease.


Get comfy.

After I shower, I either get into a clean pair of pajamas or just some sweatpants or loose clothing, when I’m not feeling at my best, tight clothes are the last thing I want to be wearing. Once I’m comfortable, I like to make myself a nice warm cup of tea and soup. I like these two because they’re easy to consume, and when I’m not at my best eating can feel like a chore.


Journal and reflect.

Once I’ve eaten, writing down everything that needs to be done helps ease my mind and makes me feel less like I’m all over the place. Then I just try my best to execute those tasks, but it really depends on how bad my mood is that day. I know that saying these things is a lot easier than actually doing them, but from experience I’ve found that the longer I put off doing them, the worse I’ll feel.


Bad days happen to all of us, but the way we handle them can drastically change our mood for the next day. Sometimes they don’t last just a day either.

When I realized that almost everyday was a bad one for awhile, I started seeking on campus help. Therapy may not be appealing to everyone, but sometimes, it’s just nice to have someone to talk to that you know won’t judge you, and that will just listen.

If you feel like your bad days just aren’t getting any better, no matter what, it may be helpful to start seeing someone. Look on your school’s website for more information about it, because, personally, it’s helped me get to where I am now.

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