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4 Tips to Make it to Finals Week Successfully

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at San Diego chapter.

We all know that the end of the semester feels like—it’s harder and harder to have motivation to go to the library, get your work done ahead of time, and stay on track. Her Campus has some tips to make it through these last few weeks, successfully.

1.     Wake up early and start your day

Coffee will be your best friend these last few weeks. Set your alarm earlier than you need to, and head to the library to get your work done early on. Use these weeks to go to office hours to take advantage of your professor’s time now. By going to the library and office hours before finals week, you can get your busy work out of the way to ensure that finals week is just about refreshing your mind of the information.

2.     Sleep

Sleep early and wake up early. It’s difficult, especially since your social life doesn’t stop just because finals are around the corner. Regardless, prioritize sleep. It will pay off when you are waking up early to get some studying done!

3.     De-stress

This is easier said than done, but try not to stress out. Reserve an hour of your day, every day, to relax. Go to the gym, take a yoga class, or even catch up on binge watching your favorite Netflix show. By getting your blood pumping, or distracting your mind, you can take a break from worrying about exams, projects, and presentations. Relaxing will help you sleep, which will allow you get up early and start your day.

4.     Be thankful

Always remember that a good grade on your final is not the most important thing in the world. Be thankful that you get to study and learn at such a beautiful school; remember, summer is right around the corner!


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