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Since Sunday is the last day of the weekend, I love to utilize this day to recharge and rejuvenate myself for the week! Sometimes people tend to dread Sunday for the simple fact that it’s the last day of the weekend, last day of no classes, work, etc., for the week. This routine allows me to look forward to my Sunday because I get to fill my day with positive activities that always uplift my spirit and put me in a great mood! Today I’ll be sharing some key parts of my Sunday routine I like to do pretty much every Sunday.

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Get up and go to church

I know not everyone is religious, however, I do enjoy going to church on Sunday because it helps prepare me spiritually for the week and I always feel great after the service. Now I’m going to be honest, I’m not perfect, I sometimes struggle getting up or just don’t feel like going, but on those days I don’t go to church, I tend to sleep in or I get up eat a nice breakfast and put on a movie or my favorite TV show on the DVR.

Tidy up my space

I always feel better when my surroundings are organized. On Sunday, I usually do some laundry and clean up my room. (I tend to always light candles while I clean my room its extremely relaxing and of course candles will leave the smelling amazing.)

Face Masks!

I love doing face masks, it’s like one of my favorite parts of Sunday. I have several face masks; I like to switch it up sometimes so that my skin won’t get used to one product. I always do whatever mask feel like my skin needs the most. 

Body care

It doesn’t matter whether you do this during your morning shower or your nighttime shower, but I like to do my extra-long shower routine on Sunday. I always exfoliate, shave, and do any other additional treatments on a Sunday because I feel like it gets me ready for the week. Of course, I do some of these tasks during the week as well, however I love using Sunday’s as another reason to do a little extra pampering.


This is one of the most important parts of my routine. I feel it’s so important to sit back and relax for a couple of hours. Use this time to do whatever relaxes you the most. Whether it’s having a cup of tea and watching your favorite movie, reading a book, or writing in your journal; engage in an activity that helps put your mind and body at ease.

I hope you find at least one of these key parts of my Sunday routine inspirational and can adopt at least one of these steps to make your Sunday more relaxing.

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Nabria Milbourne

Salisbury '20

Nabria is a transfer student from Wor-Wic Community College. She is currently a junior at Salisbury University majoring in Communication Arts in the Public Relations and Strategic Communications track, while also minoring in Marketing Management!
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