Bike Rentals for $1: The New Bike Service Around Salisbury

Okay, so you are about to be late to class and you do not run that fast, what options do you have?

There is the option to skip or you can also just be late, but that would not be very studious of you. Or Let’s say you have free time and want to go sight-see the city of Salisbury in a different/unique way.

Well now you can be on time and/or enjoy a Sunday cruise by renting a bike from Spin.


Spin is an up and coming bike rental company that is now available at Salisbury University.

Each ride is only $1 (per every 30 minutes) and you can ride around Salisbury or on campus for less than a bottle of water from Hungry Minds.

Their company is currently active in 18 cities, 11 campuses, and are responsible for over 700k rides, according to their website. Not only is the company here at Salisbury University, but they also added Towson University to their campus affiliates.

Using a bike is a very efficient way to get around, but on top of that they are one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel. So practically a win-win situation. To rent the bike, download the ‘Spin Bike’ app, for Androids and Apple users, and create an account, include a form of payment. The app will then display what available bikes are in the area. Select one near you and ride your way to perfect attendance.