The Perfect Essential Oil Blend For Your Zodiac Sign

Need a good blend of essential oils to get you through midterms? Find out which combination you should diffuse based on your zodiac sign!


1. Aries - Sweet orange, clove, and cinnamon


2. Taurus - Tea tree and grapefruit



3. Gemini - Bergamot and chamomile



4. Cancer - Lavender and lemon




5. Leo - Sweet orange and lemongrass



6. Virgo - Clary sage, lemon, and rosemary


7. Libra - Rose and lemon



8. Scorpio - Peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus


9. Sagittarius - Clary sage and sweet orange


10. Capricorn - Eucalyptus and cedar wood


11. Aquarius - Frankincense and rosemary


12. Pisces - Lavender, cedar wood, sweet orange, and ylang ylang