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Making it to Winter Break: A Supernatural Gif Journey

We're so close, belles. The only things standing between us and a MONTH off are a few exams, a couple of papers, and finals. Many of us have done this before, but for those who aren't familiar, get ready... I'm going to take you on a supernatural gif journey that will explore some of the moments we all experience during the last few weeks leading up to our beloved break!


When your mom calls and asks how everything is going:


Trying to finish all your work before Thanksgiving Break:


Thanksgiving Break:


Being on break but still stressing about what has to be done when you're back on campus:


Coming back from Thanksgiving Break:


Realizing you procrastinated WAY TOO HARD all semester:


Trying to eat healthy, but ultimately failing:


Ignoring all of your work to watch Netflix, even though you have 3576124 assignments:




Leaving campus for the last time until January:


Finally getting to enjoy a month of happy, healthy, stress-free days:


Like this? Want to see more? Check out Supernatural on Netflix (streaming seasons 1-13) or watch season 14 on Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW!


Meredith Mackowicz

Saint Mary's '19

"as unpredictable as a dad on a field trip" resident assistant, brooklyn 99 fanatic, amateur ukulele-ist, & cat mom taking collegiette life one day at a time. Campus Correspondent at Saint Mary's College
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