5 Ways to Beat The Winter Blues

1. Go to the gym

I never thought I’d be saying this, but going to the gym is a great way to get your energy up when it sometimes seems impossible. I hate moving my body, but a little physical activity each day has worked wonders for my mood— plus, it feels great to know you’re doing something that you’re benefitting from!



2. Rock a fit

Hear me out, I know that leggings and sweatshirts are comfortable and rather popular around these parts, but putting on an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks can change everything. Find your favorite sweater, jeans, dress, etc. and you’ll be vibing in no time. 



3. Get some you time

Friends and significant others are so good and time spent with them is great, but don’t forget to spend some time with yourself. Whether you’re an introvert, and extrovert, or somewhere in between, everyone needs some alone time to recharge. How you spend this time is up to you, just make sure it happens!



4. Find a skincare routine

I’ve never been the best at routines (or skincare tbh), but a good friend taught me all I needed to know about keeping a good skincare routine this semester and it has worked wonders for me. Not only is my skin happier, but having a routine that I can stick to makes me feel better about myself in general because I’m doing something good for my body! It’s also a good move to do this in the winter to combat the harsh impact of winter weather on our sensitive little faces. 



5. Eat well

Again, never thought I’d be saying this, but eating well is kind of critical for a better state of mind. Not only is it good for the bod, but it’s awesome knowing that you’re doing something to better yourself. Cutting out some of the nastiness that processed foods contain can also improve mental and physical stamina, which we are so desperately scrambling for in these terrible winter months. Love yourself! Eat some quinoa, for god’s sake.