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The 5 Smicks You Find in Angela

With the recent opening of Angela, the new hotspot on campus is our new and improved athletic facility. By this time, we probably have all been there either to work out, or to try one of the delicious smoothies and in there saw the 5 types of smicks you can find while in there.

1. The girl that spends more time working out in Angela than anywhere else

This Belle absolutely loves Angela, not only does it have the perfect work out machines but with the beautiful indoor track she doesn’t have to freeze and run in this cold South Bend weather. You can catch this girl working out in her cute athletic outfits more than twice a day, working for that spring break bod.

2. The girl that only goes for the paninis and smoothies

There’s no doubt that now that Murphy’s Café opened, many smicks changed their 14-meal plan to the 7 meal because Munch money will be better spent at Murphy’s Café in Angela. Which also means that many of us will often only step foot in Angela to enjoy those delicious smoothies, and paninis and then burn off the calories on our walk back to our dorms. (Also, if you haven’t tried the Holy Cross smoothie, get yourself to Angela and try it NOW)

3. The girl that only goes to do homework

We all know the couches in Angela are a lot more comfortable and better looking than those ugly red ones in the library, so you will always find smicks doing their homework in the most comfortable couches on campus.


4. The girl that says she’s going to work out but ends up just sitting down and watching 5 episodes of Gossip Girl.

With the new machines having Netflix and Hulu it is soooo easy to get distracted and get caught up watching the Nate-Blair-Chuck romance evolve, that sometimes these girls forget about their work out and binge watch their favorite show, instead of working for that spring break bod.


5. The student Athlete

Of course, a trip to Angela would not be complete if we didn’t see our beautiful student athletes either practicing, or working out with Pete, getting ready to represent the Belles in the court, or field

No matter what you use Angela for, or how much time you spend in there it’s a beautiful place that brings us all together as Belles. Go Belles!

I love long walks down Downton Disney while sipping on some good sweet tea!
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