Yummy And Healthy Snacks to Replace Junk Food

I get the late night munchies quite a lot. When I do, I’m almost always craving junk food, normally hot Cheetos or Swedish Fish, which end up giving me a stomach ache. I’ve even been guilty of binge eating a whole box of oreos before. Instead of binge eating junk food, here are some of my favorite snacks that can satisfy your cravings whether salty or sweet.

Satisfy your cravings with these foods:


1. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains a high amount of antioxidants too!


2.   Banana ice cream

This is perfect for when you’re craving ice cream.


3.    Popcorn

Only if it’s lightly salted. Avoid bagged microwaveable popcorn.


4.    Miso Soup

A good choice for salty cravings, also low in calories too!


5.   Trail mix

Contains a lot of nutrients! This will help if you’re craving something both sweet and salty


6.   Hummus

Get some tortilla chips or carrots and use it as a dip.


7.   Nuts

Nuts such as cashews are high in protein. Lightly salted nuts can satisfy your cravings                 for salty food.


8.   Berries

Usually I pack berries on the go when I need a light snack.


The best part is that these snacks won’t give you a bad tummy ache and will leave you feeling energized.