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Top 3 Places to Shop for Workout Leggings

One of my favorite hobbies is working out. Especially at school, I make an effort every day (based on my schedule) to release some stress by working out. With this hobby comes the need for workout clothes. 


I am no fashionista, but through my years of working out I have learned where to find the best work out clothes at great prices. However, there are a couple of boujee brands that I will spend more money on. 



We’ll start with the one high-end brand that I love. I don’t buy from here often, as they are a bit expensive. 

But I will say, that the quality of Athleta’s leggings are amazing. They even have sizes for tall people (like myself) which makes the fit even better. The material is easy to workout in and you’ll be stylish as well. Definitely a good “treat-yourself” moment.


2. Fabletics

I had always seen advertisements for Fabletics on Instagram and T.V. so eventually I ordered a couple of pairs. They always seem to have the two for $24 deal, so I made an account and got my deal.

I was super happy when they came in and the material and fit of the leggings were just as good as any well-known brand. However, when going into the store the singular prices are more on the pricey side when the deal is not in session.


3. Old Navy

Finally, Old Navy leggings are honestly one of the comfiest leggings I have. For a great price, they fit perfectly and are great to work out in. Old Navy has a variety of sales and a variety of styles and colors to fit any person. 


When you are on your next shopping trip, take a look at these stores and treat yourself to a cute pair of workout leggings!

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