Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions You Haven’t Kept

As the first month of the new year closes in, I always think of each resolution I promised myself I would keep in the new year. 2019 was going to be the year that the going to bed early would be priority and going to the gym would be effortless. Here are the top 3 most common New Year’s resolutions you are most likely to have already broken.

  1. Going to the Gym

This was going to be our year, the year we started going to the gym with the goal of being an like those Instagram fit accounts. You started off great going three times a week, then slowly as the month went on three times became once then here and there. By now, your weekly gym sessions have most likely become weekly nap sessions after a long day of classes.

  1. Eating Healthy

New year, new you right? It’s important to eat healthy and treat your body right. You began by meal prepping to stay on top of it, but as soon as the semester started off and you saw Linda’s new and improved menu it was all over. Make your own pizza station with basically endless toppings? Sign me up.

  1. Going to Bed Early

Getting to sleep early and waking up feeling refreshed sounds appealing to every person. Starting off the year that when you get to bed, you go to sleep by 11, no phones, no laptop, no distractions. Well that is until Netflix released SO many new shows you just binge watch Birdbox? Bandersnatch? You? All great options to binge watch into the late hours of the night.


Naturally, it’s normal to break a resolution here and there, but maybe the new month will mean a new beginning! Let’s make 2019 our year, reevaluate our resolutions, and begin again in February.