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Looking Great, Feeling Even Better!

Looking good, feeling better!

Out with the old t-shirt and in with the pretty and trendy workout gear!

Today it seems as though going to the gym is more of a time to show off your cute new Lulelemon top than it is to actually break a sweat! Gym attire is all about bright colors and fun patterns; from sneakers all the way up to your head band. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look put together while working out! Marissa Mormile is rocking this chic and slimming outfit for her workout. The long sleeve top and pants are from Marshals.

Cute outfits are truly the best motivation. Gym outfits don’t even have to be matchy matchy; feel free to mix up all of your colors and patterns!

Looking hot while working out doesn’t have to break the bank either! You can find adorable work out clothes at nearly every store. From Walmart and Target to Lulelemon and Victoria’s Secret.  So go ahead treat yourself to some vibrant pieces and get motivated! Dont’ be afraid to work that treadmill like a runway!

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