How to Make 2019 Your Year (without feeling obligated to fulfill any resolution)

Omg hi guys! Since becoming President of HC Sacred Heart, I haven’t written an article in AGES so it’s super exciting to start writing again! I wanted to kick the year and school semester off with an article everyone can relate to. Everyone starts off the new year with resolutions they wish to keep: losing weight, eating healthy, getting straight A’s, to name a few. After a lot of self- reflection the past couple of months, I finally found a few ways to better myself in a way that won’t make me feel disappointed, stressed, or worried. Keep reading below to see how I do it!


  • Wake up early (trust me on this!)

Okay, so from the sound of it, you’re probably thinking, “Nina, you’re insane!”. But I promise, waking up a little earlier each morning is more refreshing than you think. If I have a class at 9:30am, I like to wake up around 8am. This gives me time to actually enjoy my morning routine, make a solid breakfast, and plan out my day. I have become so much less stressed, while also learning to manage my time and become more motivated to get things done!


  • Listen to your body

If you’re like me and are always doing 1000 things at once, you’re probably always running around, and by the end of the day, you lay down in bed and you’re wondering how you even got through the day in once piece. There are days where I’m so motivated to keep moving, but I must remind myself to LISTEN TO MY BODY. If you’re tired, worn out, feel achy, or just darn lazy, just relax!! You will have time to do everything you want to do. Don’t push yourself past your limits, you’re doing the best you can, and you should be proud of all you accomplish every day.


  • Write out ALL the feelings

When one of my coworkers told me she spends 30 minutes a day writing out her feelings throughout the day, I literally laughed at her and told her I did not have the time! Now I write out my feelings Every. Single. Day. I have a little journal my mom bought me that I use to write out my feelings each day. If they’re negative, I also write down why I feel that way and what I can do to turn those feelings positive! It’s a great way to self-reflect and figure out what makes you happy.


So that’s basically all I have so far! I think the moral of this article is to just be true to yourself, there is only one “you” in the world and every day you should strive to showcase a better you. Don’t let the stresses of life bring you down! We all go through them, and, ironically, they can make life pretty entertaining sometimes (or, at least, worth the struggle). I hope these little tips can give you a better outlook on “resolutions”, and if you have any more send them over! I’m always looking for new ideas and new things to try. Happy Spring Semester SHU! See you on the flipside! 😊