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The time has finally come: college graduation.  The questions everyone seems to be asking are along the lines of “What are you doing after graduation?”, “Where are you working?” or “Where are you interviewing?” While I do have answers to some of those questions and am feverishly looking for jobs, the real answer is “After college, I’m redoing my room!” 


Redoing my room is something that has gotten me excited from when I was five years old to 12 years old to even now at 22 years old.  This summer, after graduation, I will be moving back home and redoing my childhood room for the first time since I was 12. Good-bye sponge-painted blue walls with stars on the ceiling (pictured below!) Hello minimalist ~adultish~ room.  



I believe it is important to create a space for yourself that you love and one that you feel safe in.  Your room is your sanctuary and deserves to be a place of zen after grueling interviews or long days of work.  


This year, I moved into a house off-campus and got all-white furniture to put in my room and then take home with me to start this project. If you haven’t done this yet, definitely look around and purchase the furniture your heart and wallet desires. 


Going back to the beginning, the first thing you have to do is get rid of EVERYTHING.  Grab a black garbage bag and clean out those drawers in your desk.  Then comes all the clothes you claim to never have but just never wear; this is a great opportunity to donate them to people who need them more. 


Next, get rid of that old furniture! Even though it has nail polish in unimaginable spots and has lost a few knobs, someone will definitely take it off your hands.  Facebook Market is a gold mine for buying and selling stuff in your area. 


Once that is out of the way and your room is empty, after you cry a little bit that your childhood room is fading away, it’s time for the most fun part. PAINT COLORS! Home Depot, Lowes, whatever you choose will have options galore.  Painting your room yourself is a great way to bond with your parents once you move back and a way cheaper alternative to hiring a professional painter. Obviously, do your research on Pinterest and YouTube to get an idea of what works with your style. I’m going with a minimalist light and airy room, so I picked out a light gray color. Here is some inspiration I got from Pinterest and Instagram!


Once all these steps are completed, the rest is up to you and your vision.  Personally, I am hoping to buy some plants and make a plant wall, get a trendy record player, a huge mirror for selfies, make everything white with pink accents, and obviously put up white lights everywhere.  I haven’t finished so I don’t have a final product but follow me on Instagram @_megrice and pictures will follow soon!  Good luck on creating your little safe haven!  


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