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Waking up to go to the gym seems absolutely Ludacris- hear me out though.  

For almost the entirety of second semester, my roommates and I have been waking up at 6:30 to go to the gym for an hour. We then come back to our suite, and go to our 9:30 classes.  Why would we do this you might ask? Well to be honest I have always gotten up early to go to the gym; however, it is hard to be motivated to go when you go by yourself and have to walk across campus to get there. 

Going in a group has definitely improved my motivation to go.  (My friends are not morning people, so the fact they agreed and have been consistent with it really motivates me!)

What I’ve learned, is that doing this as a group has definitely held me more accountable.  Staying in bed just for the heck of it is not an excuse because I now have three people who are motivating me to get out and start my day.  It also has made me more productive because my day has started so early that I am already in work mode when it is time to go to class.

The third thing that I have gotten out of this journey is healthier eating habits.  I always eat relatively healthy, but when you now have three other people who encourage these behaviors, it definitely makes you more excited to be healthy (and stick to it!)

Due to the fact that I start out the day feeling good from getting my workout in,  I’m more inclined to stick to the feel-good vibe and eat way cleaner.

My favorite part about this journey is that it has definitely bonded us even more. We have quality time to look forward to, and working out is more exciting when you do it with the people you love.  Something we have all learned is there is strength and power in numbers, and our motivation has entirely increased.

So, if you are looking to get motivated and make a change, ask your friends to come along for the journey!

The Lalathree Friends Walking Arm In Arm
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