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After years and years of numerous resources to treat my chronic migraines, a change was needed. For almost nine years now, I’ve been suffering from chronic migraines. I would praise the day that my head would not hurt. Anxiety would fill my body like a balloon, just always waiting for the ball to drop and my head to be in excruciating pain. There would be days I would miss class, cancel plans with friends, miss out on family time, etc. From tension and stress headaches, to migraines, they completely took over my life. The duration of these headaches would last a few hours, days, weeks, or even months. Medication after medication, hospital trips, MRI scans, blood work, different doctors- nothing was working. 

It wasn’t until a recent migraine attack that I decided enough was enough. After watching a few videos on a holistic chiropractic approach. I thought it was worth a shot, what more could I lose? Thankfully a friend who is studying to become a chiropractor thought it was an excellent idea to see one for my migraines. I decided to go and needless to say it has been life changing so far. If you’re anything like me and felt hopeless, defeated, and had exhausted all of your other options, chiropractic care is the way to go. 

When going to the chiropractor, I was told that they were looking for subluxation which is misalignment of the spine. The doctors enlightened me on how they were going to adjust the alignment of my spine to improve spinal function and alleviate stress on the nervous system. They told me that they were here to help and validated everything I need to hear. I joked around and told them I was the “Queen of Stress” and that this definitely was the cause of my migraines. By doing adjustments, it allowed my body to function more normally and reduces risk of stress and tension building until headache pain develops.

Nonetheless, for the past two weeks I’ve already started to notice relief with my migraines. This is everything I’ve hoped and prayed for. I’m excited for the healing journey ahead of me. At a recent appointment, I told them I was ready to be cracked like a glow stick. Sometimes the glow stick needs to be cracked/adjusted before it can glow. And now that I’m starting to glow it’s my time to shine for a migraine free life that’s just a head of me.

Sara Terpak

Sacred Heart '21

Sara Terpak SHU'21 English Major & Psychology Minor
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