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As I enter my senior year of college, I face many uncertainties. What will I do when I graduate? Where will I live? Will I be stressed? Will I find a job? Will I earn a livable salary? Will I be genuinely happy? Will I live near my friends? Will I live near my family? All of these questions circulate through my brain like a tornado. Yet, I am not alone. All my friends and classmates are experiencing this as well. So, with all these uncertainties, I turn to reassuring myself primarily with affirmations. Affirmations can be loosely defined as words and/or sayings that endorse emotions. Affirmations can be individually used to instill hope, positivity, and confidence in someone. Personally, I enjoy writing down my affirmations and placing them around my room or repeating them to myself when I am feeling down. So, in this uncertain time, I share with you, my affirmations for college seniors:

  1. I will find my way.
  2. Fears that come to me will pass.
  3. I am the epitome of independence.
  4. I have faith in my journey.
  5. I have the toolkit for success.
  6. My potential to succeed and thrive is limitless.
  7. My life is supported by the universe; everything will be okay.
  8. I am destined for greatness and my future is bright.
  9. The nerves I am feeling are normal but I release my fears and negative thoughts.
  10. The journey of life is beautiful; I love the journey of life.

To my fellow seniors, we got this!

Celia Zevon

Sacred Heart '22

My name is Celia and I'm from Rhode Island! I am a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies with a double minor in Creative/Professional Writing and Digital Marketing. Happy reading!
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