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10 Reasons (Not Excuses) Why You Should Go to the Gym

Struggling to find reasons to go to the gym is not a good excuse anymore. Making the gym a place that positively impacts our day and boosts our mood is a better way to think of it. All the hard work you put into your workout will pay off, especially if you put the excuses aside. Here are 10 reasons why you SHOULD go to the gym.

1. You can meet someone new.

Throughout the week, whether its going to fitness classes or breaking a sweat on the machines, you are bound to make new friends. From my own experience, I have become closer with people just from working out together in fitness classes.


2. You can hangout with friends.

On the other hand, if you already have a work out buddy, going to the gym is an excuse for you guys to hang out. Cardio just became a fun way to be closer with your friends, motivating you even more. 


3. You can catch up on new music.

If a new album just came out that you’ve been wanting to listen to, the treadmill or elliptical is great place to do that. The same thing applies for binge-watching shows; if the machine you’re using has a TV available, you can watch and forget you are even working out.


4. You can clear your head.

The gym is a great place to reduce stress because you are not in the classroom or work environment that may be causing your stress. Taking an hour out of your day to think about your health can clear your mind and give it the break it needs. 


5. You can try something new.

The gym is judgment free which means you can try a new workout or machine, even if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can also watch what other people are doing for their workouts to get some inspo.


6. You can wear comfortable clothes.

Most girls would argue that a pair of gym shorts, a T-shirt and a lulu headband with a bun or ponytail is the comfiest outfit you can wear. It happens to be the universal outfit for the gym. (Plus, many brands and designers such as Kate Spade, Vineyard Vines and, Lilly Pulitzer all have active wear you can rock at the gym).


7. You can get off your phone or computer.

Sometimes after looking at a screen all day, your head or eyes can start to bother you. Going to the gym is a reason to get moving and off your devices for a little while.


8. It can help you build a routine or schedule.

Once you get committed about going to the gym and set aside time to go each day, that can help you organize the whole rest of your day or week.


9. It will make you feel GOOD.

Coming out of the gym, feeling confident and great about yourself is the best feeling. Later, you may look good in that dress or bathing suit you wanted to fit into, but couldn’t before.


10. Hard work comes with rewards.

After going to the gym, reward yourself and have a nice (preferably healthy) meal or cool beverage. Then, you can take a nice long bath or shower to cool down. Doing something that relaxes you after your workout is best because afterall… you deserve it!

*starts playing Celebration by Kool & the Gang*


I hope these 10 reasons on why you should go to the gym motivate you to stop making excuses not to go. You deserve to feel refreshed and energized with a visit to the gym.


Jacqueline O'Rourke

Sacred Heart '21

Sacred Heart student from Mass, sharing my interests and thoughts with others on Her Campus :) 
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