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It seems like we’ve finally had a taste of fall this past week, and I say it’s time we bring it to the kitchen! Fall is elite in every way possible; outside smells are different, the fashion choices are far more exciting (I love a good layer) and the spooky Halloween season keeps us all in high spirit. To top it all off, fall is notorious for fun foods. Here are nine of my favourite fall recipes that will make you feel full and warm inside. 

  1. Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins: This is the perfect Starbucks dupe that will keep your bank account looking good, with half the sugar. They are moist, and the tart cream cheese goes perfectly with the nutty, pumpkin muffin. It’s a match made in heaven––plus, you’ll have treats to share with your roomies!
  2. Vegan Butternut Squash Soup: This smooth and creamy TikTok recipe is quick and easy to follow! It’s vegan––and if you’re not a fan of that word––I promise that this dish will change your mind. You can always swap the coconut milk for cream or sour cream, as well. Either way, it’s perfect for a Netflix night-in.
  3. Ribollita (Tuscan White Bean Stew): This is a great vegetarian option (sans pancetta) that can also be made vegan! Kale is a big part of this dish, and surprisingly, as somebody who is not a fan of kale, it has my stamp of approval. It’s filling and inexpensive to make, and I guarantee that you’ll end up with a big ‘ol batch. 
  4. Chili: You had to know this one was coming; chili is simply a fall staple. I’ve linked a great recipe that I’ve tried, but the most important part about making a great chili is making it your own; try adjusting spices and liquids to your liking. Even if you’re not a self-proclaimed cook, you will feel so with this simple and strong recipe.
  5. Chicken Pot Pie: Who doesn’t love chicken pot pie? The ingredients for this recipe are minimal, but the flavour is tremendous. I recommend adding more spices than what’s listed, such as garlic/onion powder, paprika, dried thyme and cayenne. Tip: If you want to make your own pie crust (I personally do), I recommend using cold butter for your crust as it creates little pockets of buttery goodness that you don’t want to miss out on!
  6. Apple Cider Mimosas: Ahh, another TikTok treasure. These mimosas are perfect for a fall brunch or dinner and have an ideal blend of sweet and spicy flavours. They can easily be made virgin with sparkling apple juice.
  7. Green Apple Salad: If you’re thinking of going apple picking this season, here is the perfect way to make use of them. This salad is sour from the apples, sweet from the cranberries and salty from the feta. It’s a delicious flavour balance that is both quick and easy to make. This dish will be the star of any potluck or dinner you bring it to!
  8. Quinoa and Butternut Squash: This is a simple side dish that can just as easily be transformed into your main dish! It’s vegan/vegetarian and is full of flavour and fibre! All of the ingredients will keep you full and satisfied for longer––plus, it’s delicious.
  9. Pumpkin Ravioli: This was technically my first time making pasta and it was so much fun; I felt like a full-fledged chef. If you don’t want to use pasta, try wonton wrappers as a substitution. This recipe has well-known whole ingredients, but tastes as though it is a lot more complicated. The butter sauce is heavenly, and the filling, combined with nutmeg and brown sugar, makes it impossible to resist. 

Now that you have the tools to make the season’s perfect dish, get out there and spread some fall cheer!

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