Wellness Tips for Quarantine

During this unprecedented time, we have found ourselves to be introduced to what is called a “quarantine”. A quarantine is defined as a state, period, or place of isolation. In this case, we are quarantining from Covid-19.


With society going through extended periods of quarantine, it is important to stay physically and most importantly mentally healthy. Here are some health and wellness tips that you can use during your quarantine:


Eat Healthy

We have been told our whole lives to eat healthy, but usually we find ourselves caving to the chips in the pantry or the tub of ice cream in the freezer. While having cheat meals can be beneficial to physical and mental health, it is also important to watch how often we have those cheat meals and to keep our meals balanced. By eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, our bodies will build up an immunity and have the right vitamins to fight off sicknesses.


Exercise Frequently


This tip is important because it can help both mental and physical health. Now, no need to go crazy lifting tons of weights or running a bunch of miles. All that is necessary  is get up and move. Go for a walk with your mom or best friend to talk about what is going on with your life. Do an ab workout to work off all those extra holiday calories. Do an online dance class to have fun and sweat some calories off. Another option is doing a yoga session on Youtube to get your heart pumping and muscles moving. All of these exercises can be done while social distancing, wearing masks, and being inside!

Here is a great at home workout that is easy and gets that heart pumping: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkVHrA5o23o


Do not  Forget Skincare!

During this pandemic, studies have shown that people have been experiencing more stress anxiety than usual. We all are experiencing this stress and anxiety, wondering if our jobs are secure or if we have the virus, etc. This stress and anxiety can greatly affect your skin. It is important to have a good skincare routine to not only boost self- confidence, but to also have a moment to destress before starting the day or going to bed. Do not forget to wear your sunscreen and moisturize!


Call A Friend

As said before, this time has been extremely stressful for society and mental health is at an all time low. Another wellness tip is to call a friend, any friend. You can call to say hello, ask how they are doing, and catch up. This gives an opportunity to get the mind off everything  stressing you out, and the same goes for the call receiver. This call might be exactly what a friend needs too.


Isolation can be hard, but with these tips, we  will be able to get through our quarantine while keeping our minds and bodies right!