An Open Letter to a Girl With Anxiety

Dear Reader,


This is an open letter to a girl with anxiety. It’s something that is not talked about enough, but something that no one seems to want to talk about. 


If you find yourself here, reading this letter, know that I am not here to give you helpful advice on how to overcome anxiety, but I am here to tell you that you are not alone. It can be extremely difficult to go through your day like everybody else around you, and out of nowhere, a wave of anxiety hits you: a wave of uneasiness.


There may be days where all you did was lay in bed, and that’s okay. You are enough. There may be days where you got absolutely nothing on your to-do list done, and that’s okay. You are enough. There may be days where you feel like everything in the world is just way too much, and that’s okay. You are enough. You will get through this. It’s okay to focus on yourself when times get tough. 


Anxiety can often make you think that you are not good enough or too complicated for others to understand. That’s just the anxiety talking. You are enough. You are strong. You are not too complicated. If someone tells you that you are too complex to understand because of your emotion, that person should not have the privilege to know you. If that person does not want to take the time to understand what goes on inside your head, that person is not worth it, trust me.


There are probably a million things you have left unsaid, a million sleepless nights, a million quirky habits that you just can’t explain. But, all those things add up to shape you into the person you are today, a fighter. 


If there is one thing that I want you to take from this letter, it’s this. Even on your darkest, most anxiety-stricken days, you are not alone! There are many other people out there who have their own battles with anxiety, but can relate to yours as well. There is always someone out there willing to listen without a judgemental eye and a warm hand to hold. Know that you will get through whatever anxiety-ridden day life decides to throw at you. So don’t give up because of a span of a few bad days, weeks or months. Think about what’s to come and one day you’ll look back and think to yourself, “damn, look how far I’ve come”.