Self-Love Activities For Me (And For You)

Life is often a whirlwind of exam dates, paper deadlines, bill due dates, family issues, friends, and relationship chaos. It can be a struggle trying to balance everything. After all, you are just one person. Although, sometimes it may feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulder, rest assured that it is ok to just breathe. There are certain activities that make my heart melt and make me instantly happy after a rough day. Perhaps you can relate and these activities can help you practice self-care after you have a long day.


I love country music. I am by no means a musically inclined person (I can’t even keep a beat while dancing). Nonetheless, country music instantly makes me happy and makes my heart skip a beat. Many country songs reflect family values or a love story which makes me feel really warm and happy within my soul. After a rough day, perhaps you can take a second to plug in your headphone to listen to a song or two that reminds you of values that are important to you.  



I recently started cooking and meal prepping. Cooking makes me really happy because I feel like I am creating a beautiful meal out of simple few ingredients. It makes me feel creative and accomplished. Try to find a hobby you enjoy doing that can also be productive.   Image Credit: Hannah Javed 



Face Masks

I believe face masks are the easiest way to practice self-love. After I put on a face mask, I feel like my skin is glowing. Metaphorically, the toxins taken out of my pores are the equivalent of the negative energy taken out of my soul. After a facemask, think about positive vibes only. Grab a friend and try a facemask to ease your anxiety! 

Co-Campus Correspondent Keoni Nguyen and Senior Editor Hannah Javed wearing a facemask


One of my roommates and I will sit down after a long day and just sip on wine and talk about our day. It’s just a relaxing activity because it allows me to talk about my day and just unwind. Sometimes our conversations will be extremely insightful, other days, we just laugh ourselves silly. If you find yourself caught up in a storm, try to find a friend to help you navigate the waters. Two heads are sometimes better than just one.


While self-love is all about yourSELF, remember that you are not alone. If you feel yourself having a rough time, try to step back for a few minutes and engage yourself in activities that can ease your mind for a bit. Trust me, changing your mood for even 10 minutes will make you feel a lot better than just drowning in the negative energy around you.  These are the activities that can turn my mood around in a heartbeat, instead, you can try to find things that work for you. Most importantly, remember that YOU are IMPORTANT.