It is never too late to create a better version of yourself. “Her Health” week here at Her Campus Rutgers is all about creating articles where we can help you kick-start your new goal of obtaining a healthier mind, body, and soul! When it comes to working out, I’ve always loved doing so in groups. It keeps me motivated to sweat more but also pushes me harder. Right now on campus, there is an organization called PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT. Girls in this club come together to sweat off their problems both on and off campus. Each member encourages each other to live a happy and healthy lifestyle! After all, working out with friends is always way more fun, right?


Hi Scarlet Knights! I'm Mackenzie Heffernan. 

President & Captain of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT at Rutgers University


                                                       (pictured on the left) 

5 Facts About Mackenzie:

  1. She’s a Senior here at Rutgers University majoring in Geography.

  2. She wants to fight child obesity. Though she knows it won’t be an easy task she still believes that promoting an active and healthy lifestyle is the correct stepping stones to finding a solution.

  3. She teaches POUND a cardio pilates fitness class here on campus.

  4. She loves being able to motivate others to push themselves to their fullest potential both during workouts but also in life.

  5. She started PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT at Rutgers after she noticed there was a need for women on campus to have more representation in the gyms on campus.

So you want to be apart of the #SweatSquad?

Becoming apart of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT is easy and only $30 for the entire year! When you decide to become apart of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT you are signing up for what is called a #SweatSisterhood. Your membership gives you access to the Sweat Group Me, a PGS laptop sticker, ID/credit card holder, detachable keychain lanyard, t-shirt, and even a PGS handbook.

What I love about the Sweat GroupMe is that each member can share when they are working out or what healthy food options they are choosing for the day. In the GroupMe, you will receive messages from your Sweat Sisters wanting to know if you are free to workout. What’s even better is that there are usually Sweat Sisters on every campus so you never have to work out alone again.

Recently, there has been a new workout that takes place every Friday at the Yard. Better known as “Fitness Fridays” where a new exercise is created for each week. This allows the Sweat Sister who do come to find a new way to sweat and have fun at the same time.

R U Interested In Joining?

Register on March 1st, 2018 to join the #SweatSisterhood for the rest of the spring semester. PGS membership will give you free admission to all PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT events and awesome PGS gear that I described above. Not sure if you're ready just yet, that’s okay. Find out more information by following their social media pages.

Instagram: @prettygirlssweatru

Twitter: @pgsru

Facebook: Rutgers University Chapter of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT



We can all make fitness fun together. Join PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT here at Rutgers today and get started on your fitness journey!